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Xinhua up to the staff as the most important resource, recognized the value of the people, respect for human creation. We always adhere to honesty, fairness and doing the right thing principle, which insists on respect for people, understanding the philosophy of the company, hopes to become a social value.

In the spirit of the harmonious development of the 'people-oriented' corporate culture and management philosophy, the Group has established a management system suitable for the Chinese market and culture. The Group has always been based on the development of human culture human approach, that the development of the organization is built on top of the personal development of employees, development and advocacy management CHRM (career development-oriented human resource management) and strive to make the operation and management of enterprises harmony with the individual employee's career development, and on this basis to establish a series of motivating but humane human resource management system.

We sincerely welcome all Xiancai joining Xinhua up to the big family with us to experience the process of growing, and we share the joy of success!