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Compound Fe-Zn-Ca oral solution


Third-generation composite trace elements treatment drugs
 The first generation of micronutrient supplement can only be a single supplement of trace metals, such as: calcium gluconate oral solution, ferrous gluconate syrup.
 The second generation of micronutrient supplement, supplement of trace metal elements such as: calcium gluconate oral solution for the patient population.
 The third-generation composite trace metal elements supplements representatives the compound zinc CITIZEN calcium oral solution, the product for the first time the three kinds of trace elements organic blend together and combined into vitamin B2, pioneered a variety of trace metals and vitamins composite sync supplement the third generation of therapeutic drugs.

 The gold portfolio pioneered zinc iron calcium with complement
 The calcium compound zinc CITIZEN oral solution is based on the long-term results of scientific research of the medical profession, the first out of the three kinds of trace metals synchronization complementary drugs. Product formulation and production process to obtain national invention patents. The prescription, the three kinds of trace elements zinc, iron calcium combination of the best golden ratio. The absorption process, the synergy between the various elements effectively enhance the absorption rate, nor competition between interference.

 Synergy of calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin B2
Calcium involved in regulating the secretion of neurotransmitters and hormones, and storage, to maintain neuromuscular excitability and amino acid uptake and combined with calcium can also promote the absorption of vitamin B2.
 Vitamin B2 and promote a combination of iron and hemoglobin, iron multiplier.
 The zinc absorption promoting the absorption of calcium and precipitation, greatly enhancing the effect of calcium intake.
 Between the four elements of collaborative, complement each other, complement each other so that the entire absorption effect.