Address:Hunan Yueyang Economic Technical Development Area
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Corporate Profile

The Yueyang Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a research-based high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise, located in the scenic Yueyang City Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wujiang Bridge, connected with water, the first water of Lake Dongting clothing, contains the world famous Yueyanglou precipitation history and culture.
 Company production equipment, sophisticated detection equipment, scientific and academic activity, the level of advanced technology, scientific management processes. Tablets, capsules, granules, topical solution, oral solution, suppositories, ointments company has GMP certified production line is under construction, and the consummation lyophilized workshop, repackaging workshop, the small dripping workshop, traditional Chinese medicine extraction workshop and chemical synthesis workshop production line. Company production of advanced technology, quality control means perfect, high technology, and sales outlets across the country more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.
The company operates in accordance with the modern enterprise system and full GMP management mode, flattening management. The functional departments set to production, quality, management, marketing, pharmaceuticals R & D center three Center, five departments to implement the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors. A member of the Board of Directors of the Company also experienced entrepreneurs, rich background of marketing experts or profound experience of innovative medicines experts; staff of doctors, masters, undergraduate and post-secondary education by the total number of more than 70%. For three consecutive years to double the sales revenue growth, product development from imitation to innovation drug developed steadily, corporate profits and employee benefits increased every year.
The innovative drugs pharmaceutical companies as a research-based, dedicated to the research, development and marketing of its own intellectual property, the company adhere to the 'edge production edge R & D, product development strategy; actively learn advanced science and technology, focusing on domestic and foreign research institutes and famous universities, technical cooperation and exchange; take advantage of a new series of slow and controlled release, gene cloning and recombinant technology, constantly updated, negative, innovative products, technical high ground occupation of chemicals and bio-medicine. Company immediately following the trend of the development of Chinese medicine at home and abroad, focusing hot market, priority development for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, cardiovascular disease, treatment of genetically engineered drugs, vaccines and antibody drugs, and strive for an endless stream of corporate users to provide a safe, efficient, cost-effective innovative medicines.
We focus on talent, people-oriented, trying to playing a devotee of knowledge, tap potential, to showcase their talent in order to achieve self-worth and wealth creation platform. Strive to become the cradle of a society to nurture talent, create value for all the implication of humanistic concern. Our corporate responsibility is to the health of all mankind developed a valuable drug, the courage to blaze new trails, constantly better ourselves, and the pharmaceutical industry colleagues work together, compose a new poem of the human pharmaceutical industry!